Easy-IO_30P Sedona Controller

Easy-IO_30P Sedona Controller


The flexible Easy-IO_30P Sedona Controller is full of opportunities.

Are you an integrator?
Use the Easy-IO_30P straight out of the box as a simple BACnet IO - no configuration required.

Are you a non-Niagara contractor?
To program and configure the Easy-IO_30P using its menu driven programming interface, simply connect to it with a standard web browser.  It requires absolutely no software.

Robust Features
This amazing device has multiple protocols built in, is fully programmable via the Tridium Niagara Sedona graphical programming tool and can be used in a stand alone application or integrated into a larger system. The Easy-IO_30P is a high density, low cost IO plant controller with 8-Digital Outputs, 8-Universal Inputs, 8-Digital Inputs and 4-Analog Outputs. The controller comes out of the box enabled with Sedona, BACnet-IP and BACnet-mstp protocols.

The device can also be changed from a Sedona/BACnet protocol version to a Sedona/Modbus protocol version that includes Modbus-TCP and Modbus-RTU, all in the same device.

The revolutionary Sedona graphical programming tool is an extremely powerful technology that offers live dynamic device programming with no download required. Sedona is the industry's first universal device programming framework that allows manufacturers to offer DDC control products based on an open source programming environment.

Purchase an Easy IO 30P Sedona Controller online or call us at 781-335-8353 to place an order.

Sedona Kits and Firmware
CCI has newly updated Sedona kits and firmware for the Easy IO Controller.

New features include:
1. Peer to Peer communications via IP (across the LAN or across the world via the internet!)
2. Email alarming
3. Time synchronization via NTP time servers
4. Dynamic DNS service utility
5. On board history capabilities
6. Persistent control

Contact us to receive the updated Easy IO materials.

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