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Control Consultants, Inc. (CCI) is pleased to be the premier “go to” Smart Buildings Solutions distributor. At CCI, we are proud to represent technology from cutting edge advanced companies such as Tridium-Vykon, Easy-IO, Sky Foundry, Honeywell WEBs and others! These manufacturers allow CCI to provide state of the art solutions to our customers and partners to help them realize the potential of truly integrated Smart Buildings. From the smallest ‘smart’ sensor to the enterprise level application, our systems ‘Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk!’

Open Systems: The days of the manufacturer specific proprietary products are gone. Building owners and end users have come to realize that open source products greatly increase their facilities flexibility, allow for ‘best of breed’ manufacturer and provide multi-vendor freedom of choice with competitive solution pricing and squarely place them “back in the driver’s seat”.

HVAC, Lighting Security: In today’s economy utility costs have been steadily increasing and market trends indicate this continued steady increase as natural resources become scarce and harder to obtain combined with the increased need to be ever more efficient with our resources to curb greenhouse gases by reducing our carbon footprint. In some cases it is becoming corporate policy to “be green”. These trends have lent themselves to a marketplace filled with utility rebates and programs, innovative energy efficient products and evolving building and mechanical designs that truly are remarkable.

Whether it is simple global occupancy scheduling or scheduling via a web-based card access system or significant utility cost reductions by participation in a demand response program, or an advanced load shed algorithm to reduce peak demands, to intelligent lighting systems based on sunrise/sunset or card access, CCI’s Smart Building Solutions help businesses realize the positive impact of an integrated enterprise.

Test drive CCI's live integration demos to see the interaction between our lighting control, HVAC and card access solutions.

Tridium Demo: User Name: cci    Password: guest

Easy-IO Demo: User Name: cci    Password: cciguest


Control Consultants. Inc. (CCI) is proud to be a Vykon Security Distributor (VSD).

CCI would be pleased to assist you in your asset protection and integration needs. We maintain the highest level of training and expertise to provide our partners and clients with unparalleled products, service and support.

Whether you are a tenant, an owner-occupier or a property manager, the need for asset protection systems in today’s environment is imperative, and ranges from traditional security needs to “Smart” control of facilities lighting and HVAC. With the growing need for a secure work place, production facility or campus, controlling access to a facility has never been more essential. Traditional asset protection systems only fill the security needs of a building and require a dedicated Microsoft PC for access and changes. The Vykon Security product however is in a class by itself with unparalleled web-based features that do not require a dedicated PC.

While the Vykon Security product breaks the mold of traditional asset protection solutions with its web based architecture and impressive features and sophistication, the benefits don’t stop there! Every Vykon Security product is also BACnet/IP and Niagara FOXs-IP enabled. These built in communication protocols are designed for facility integration, to take advantage of the powerful information that is evident by the knowledge of who is where and when. Coordination between lighting control, HVAC, elevator, signage, life safety, audio and many other interactive systems become a reality. From advanced asset protection to “Smart” HVAC scheduling to efficient lighting and elevator control, Vykon Security has what it takes to help you realize the benefits of a fully integrated facility.

Contact CCI today for all your Integrated Lighting, Environmental DDC control, Card Access, Digital Video, Facility Analytics and Energy Metering Smart Building Solutions!

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